What is a content strategy?

Why do you need a content strategy?

Creating content randomly and hoping that it will help with sales can frequently lead to wasting time and energy. It's important to develop a strategy that not only gets your message across, but also provides a way for your web visitors and connections to relate to you.

Content strategy content strategy

What is in a content strategy?

A content plan should be aligned with your affiliate marketing goals. If you want to make more sales, then think about what content you could produce that will get you moving towards that result. You'd need to consider these questions:

What content can I create that will help me gain more sales? Why would I create this particular content? How should I share this content on my internet 'real estate' ? When should I make this content available? What form should I create this content: video, images, blog posts, article, etc?

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Your content strategy would need to define:

which messages you want to deliver the themes that should be addressed gaps in your site that need to be filled with content to provide a well rounded information stop gaps in the industry that you can fill with well written material a strategy for SEO including keywords to target Strategy for reuse of content.

With so many different marketing channels available to us, it's key that we use as many as we can to promote our content. This might mean tweeting with a link, automatically posting on Facebook, adding bookmarks in social bookmarking sites - all with the aim of making the content as widely available as possible