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The world wide web has changed in a big way in the past decade

The changing face of the Web

Web development companies such as Housing Web are doing a good business by setting up their sites where they are providing all information related to their products and services thus allowing people to purchase them online.

Today website visitors are very sophisticated and always lean their preference towards sites that are easily navigable. They have little or no tolerance level and therefore are not willing to go for sites that do not easily provide them with the services they want. Therefore, creating a good website for business is essential if you are to turn browsers into customers.

A good web developer should always aim at attracting and keeping the user's attention ... but a great web developer will look at the bigger picture of what a website needs, from content management all the way to sourcing content. some of the key features would be ...

1. Appearance, the site must be visually appealing, professional and well polished.

2. Functionality, every component of the site must work quickly and correctly.

3. Usability, it should be easy to read, navigate and understood.

4. Search engine optimization, that is the inclusion of plenty of content, along with promoting the brand within the niche to help with the rankings
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Search Engine Optimization Updates
SEO is very important to you as an internet marketer as it's the one that brings people to your site. Due to the updates on search engines, SEO techniques that used to work a while ago are no longer working. Too bad, right?This calls for you to avoid the ineffective techniques and invest your time and money on the techniques that are working.
Kingston Upon Thames Web Design
Kingston upon Thames is an ideal location for people wanting to settle in the south west of London. The suburb has a rich history as an ancient market town that was used for every Saxon Coronation but it now enjoys the reputation as a thriving metropolitan area which boasts numerous attractions. We have over 20 years in web design experience and can offer you a fast tailored solution.
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We have a professional team that manage dedicated servers and over see there usage 24/7 keeping them fully available and fast
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Free Consultation
We provide a free no-obligation consultation so you can understand what we can bring to your project
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We have over 20 years worth of experience in web development, that includes with server management, SEO, web designs, content management systems. We have worked for some of the biggest companies in the world providing solutions in that time and been apart of website sells that encompass tens of million of pounds in sales also to mention a range of industries and niches.

We are so confident in our service we can provide you with a free no-obligation quotation today.
Seo Technique
What SEO techniques do you use?
We engage in solid white hat search engine optimization techniques, that means your site never comes under risk. You may know that when it comes to search engine optimization it is quite easy to fall out of favor with Google if you are not playing by the rules set out by them. We have a trained team of professionals who concentrate on your on-site optimizations to make sure that your content is king and that you have the best possible chance of ranking. Additionally we spend time on outreach making sure that people who would love your content, see your content, and then link.
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We go further than just web design by providing a complete solution

Web Design and Content Management

The purpose of Housing web design company is to design and create websites in the most cost efficient ways to attract customers through the various web design and development strategies like custom and blog design, graphic designs such as logos and banners, hosting and email services, social media integration with the use media tools and content management because without the input of proper content website development is incomplete.

By taking this approach we are serving a gateway to the shipping of online services across the world and not just your local community. We are providing services like eCommerce or electronic commerce where people are placing orders and buying products and services online without going to the geographic location and thus saving energy and time.

Our goal is to provide the most cost effective solutions for our customers so that the savings can be passed on, yes we are under employment from our clients but we look at it more as a partnership where we try to progress there narrative and sales so that there business can grow, which in turn helps us grow.